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Medical disposable face mask, TypeII

Medical disposable face mask, TypeII

The high quality CE-marked 3 layer facemask is comfortable to use because of the breathable material. The masks filteration efficiency BFE > 98%. One-time- use.

The facemask fills the following requirements: EN 14683:2019

Minimum order quantity 50 pcs.

The products are packed 50 pcs/box. Made in China

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250 - 499 0.3 €
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This is how you use face masks correctly

A face mask only protects if used correctly. What is the difference between a surgical mask and a respiratory mask?

There is currently a lively debate in Finland and around the world about the use of face masks. THL’s recommendation on the use of face masks in public transport, for example, is expected this week. Many are currently wondering what would be a suitable mask for themselves.

Disposable mouth and nose mask or so-called surgical mask is a great tool to protect others around you. It protects other people from the user’s own bacteria and viruses.

Admittedly, recent studies also suggest that there would be evidence that the mask could also protect its wearer from viruses and bacteria floating in the air.

Slightly more expensive respiratory mask KN95/FFP2 protects the user from viruses and bacteria floating in the air, i.e. it is an effective protection against viruses.

Respiratory masks must be worn snugly. The snugness can be tested by inhaling forcefully. If there is airflow between the face and the edge of the mask, it is not snug enough.

Instructions for using the masks can also be found in each package.

This is how you use the masks correctly

  1. Wash your hands and take the mask off the packaging with clean hands.
  2. Place the mask on your face and make sure it is snug against the face.
  3. Place the elastic bands behind your ears. Press the nose clip with your finger so that it rests firmly but comfortably against your nose. Check snugness.
  4. Remove the mask by removing the elastic band behind the ear, avoid touching the mask itself.
  5. Throw the used mask in the bin and wash your hands with soap.

Dispose of the used mask as mixed waste.

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