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BlueGreen Test blue-green algae test 3 pcs

A rapid test for the detection of liver toxins produced by blue-green algae. BlueGreenTest is intended to indicate whether, for example, there is toxic blue-green algae in swimming water or bathing water.

Contains 3 test packages
• Three pairs of disposable gloves

All packages include
• Sample tube
• Pipette
• Test cassette
In addition, you need a clean bucket or a similar large container for the water to be tested

The usagage of the tast is easy
1. Fill the sample tube with the water you want to test causing a chemical reaction to heat the tube.
2. Wait ten minutes then use a pipette to take water from the tube and put it in the hole of the casette.
3. The test results can be read after five minutes when 1 or 2 lines appear on the test casette.

The test distinguishes the following toxins:

• More detailed instructions can be found on the packaging
•The product has been developed together with VTT Oy and the University of Turku and is sold under the license granted by the University of Turku in patent application WO2017109290

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